• a. Project NFT Contract

    Project Principles: Creation and distribution of project works
    Functions: Creation and management of NFTs produced by the project
    Distribution: Creation of NFTs depending on the management of the project

  • b. User NFT Agreement

    User Participation: Converting works from the community into NFTs
    Functions: Users can upload their works to the platform and submit them to community voting.
    Distribution: Conversion of winning works into NFT based on voting results

  • User Participation Process

    Work Upload: Users upload their works to the platform (based on examples)
    Community Voting: Voting on works by other users
    Selection of Winners: Determination of winning works based on voting results

  • Income Distribution

    Users: Will receive 90% of the winning entries
    Project: The winner will receive 10% of the works

  •  Project Values

    Contribution to the Community: Encouraging user participation and supporting the arts
    Equitable Distribution: Fair sharing of income between the community and the project.

  • Our terms are:

  • The nfts you share on our marketplace must be based on movies, TV series and cartoons. Draw it yourself or create it with artificial intelligence.

  • It should not contain copyright. For example, we do not accept any movie or other copies. Be yourself and be proud of your own creativity.


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The New Feature: Video Sharing Integration:

Users now have the ability to share their favorite videos from platforms like YouTube directly on our platform.

By sharing videos on our platform, users make the viewing experience more enjoyable and engaging for the community.

How It Works:

  1. Users find a video they love on YouTube related to movies, series, or anime.
  2. They share the video link on our platform, allowing other users to watch it within our community.
  3. For every view their shared video receives, users earn MOVN tokens as a reward.


Benefits of Sharing:

  1. Users can curate and share their favorite video content, contributing to a vibrant community.
  2. By sharing videos, users not only enhance the platform’s content but also earn MOVN tokens for every view their shared videos receive.



  • Our platform is revolutionizing the way users engage with video content by integrating MOVN token rewards.
  • Sharing videos has never been more rewarding and enjoyable!
  • Join us in creating a dynamic community where sharing your favorite videos earns you MOVN tokens!



  • Hello everyone! Today, I’m excited to introduce an innovative feature on our platform: sharing your events and getting rewarded!


New Feature: Event Sharing and Rewards

  • Users can now share their own events on our platform.
  • As an incentive, every 10th shared event will be rewarded with prizes from our own tokens.

How It Works?

  • Step 1: Users share their events on our platform.
  • Step 2: For every 10th shared event, participants will receive rewards from our tokens.
  • Step 3: Rewards can be used for other features on our platform or redeemed.

Benefits of Sharing

  • Users contribute to our community by sharing their events and earn rewards in return.
  • The rewarding system encourages more event sharing and helps grow our community.



  • Our platform offers an innovative way to incentivize users to share their events and get rewarded.
  • Enjoy sharing your events and being part of our growing community!

This brief presentation emphasizes the new feature on your platform and how it benefits users by encouraging them to share their events and earn rewards in return.




   Optimal Crypto Exchange: Next-Generation Swap Platform


  • Overview of crypto exchange and swap platforms.
  • Current state and limitations of traditional swap platforms.

Challenges and Needs

  • Challenges posed by current swap platforms to users:
    • High exchange fees.
    • Low liquidity.
    • Losses due to price disparities.
  • User demands and needs:
    • Lower exchange fees.
    • Ability to swap at optimal prices.
    • Increased liquidity and variety.


Solution: Next-Generation Swap Platform

  • Key features and advantages of the new platform:
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Real-time price comparison.
    • Lowest exchange fees.
    • Swap opportunities with the best liquidity.
    • Automatic algorithm providing the most suitable swap opportunities.

How Does It Work?

  • User experience steps:
    • User selects their crypto asset and target asset pair.
    • Algorithm scans different swap platforms and determines the best price.
    • User is presented with the most optimal swap opportunity.
    • User executes the transaction if desired.


 What is MOVN?

  • MOVN is the native cryptocurrency of our platform.
  • Our users earn MOVN tokens by watching various films available on our platform.


How It Works?

  • Step 1: Users log in to our platform and choose the film they want to watch.
  • Step 2: As they watch the film, users earn MOVN tokens.
  • Step 3: Earned MOVN tokens can be used within the platform or traded on external exchanges.



  • Our users enjoy both entertainment and valuable cryptocurrency earnings while watching films.
  • MOVN token strengthens our platform’s ecosystem and becomes a valuable digital asset among users.



  • Our platform offers users an entertaining and profitable experience.
  • Earning while watching films has never been easier!
  • Join us in a world filled with MOVN tokens and turn entertainment into earnings!


  • Time is money. And try the platform we created to convert your time into Movn tokens. You are entitled to earn Yanashi MOVn tokens by watching brief introductions of promoted and upcoming movies, series and cartoon videos. This can be a start to reward your time.


  • What movies have been released recently or will be released?
    What are the most anticipated TV series and why?
    What details are there about the featured actor performances and projects?
    What are the fashion styles and clothing brands preferred by celebrities recently?
    What information is available about the most talked about celebrities and their posts on social media?
    The world of entertainment is always full of innovations and surprises. Today, we opened the doors of this exciting world together and shared the latest news. Remember, fun is always just a tap away and waiting to be discovered!